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Adjustable Laptop Stand

SKU: 4000617722275

$61.16 $42.80

A stand laptop sticker makes it move freely and enjoy ergonomic comfort wherever

It’s light, portable, cheap

Take It With You Everywhere

The stand designed to go with you anywhere. It’s lightweight, sleek design allows you to set up your mobile office anywhere with ease.

Duel Angle Adjustment

This stand is allows you to choose between two hight adjustments. 2” and 3” depending on your preference.

Attach Easily And Remove Easily

Attaching the stand to your laptop take seconds. Its also easy to remove and leaves no marks behind you can even reattach your stand after removal.


Product Description

Product Description

Material: pu + plastic steel
Size: 22.5 * 17 * 0.35cm
Color: pink, brown, gray, black
Holds up to 19 Pounds
3oz in weight
Fits up to 15.6 Devices

Additional Information

Product features1

Suitable for iPad MacBook Laptops

Product features2

Laptop stand


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